Song with No Name

If memory serves me correctly the video and audio was recorded (separately of course) on an iPhone 5S sometime around 2013/14. I found the files this morning as I was trying to create some space on a hard drive by throwing old files into the black hole of trash. Although neither the sound or vision is that good I couldn’t resist having a play around before chucking the original files (which is the object of the exercise) and uploading the resulting mess for your entertainment, or otherwise.

Sunday afternoon-walking to a jazz bar

Spare me the middle
Spare me the time spent muddling
The money managing
The taking the time to mind your manners
The panacea, the planners, the mindless mindfullness
The painless leveraged loss and gain
Damn your principled stance, damn your love that never took a chance
Heed the dull ache in your heart
Bleed, feel, cheat reason, follow the fleeting feeling that tonight… tonight…

Folky fingerpickers, dressed in union soldier hats and coats, make me wish I had a good horse, bow, arrows, and a steady aim.

Nature wins

As ever, the things we do, the things we make, the things we say, will in time be rusted, worn and washed away.

Our dreams and cares will pass, our arms and hands and legs and feet, our brains and hearts, no more or less than trees and leaves and grass, will die and fade, the sun will set at last.