Canute was no Fool

This one (Canute was no Fool) was recorded as a demo sometime around 2014/15 on the single-track Otari MX-5050 you see in the video, which was shot on iPhone 5S. Once again I’ve done considerable messing with the original files to try to overcome their respective shortcomings.

You can brush your teeth
In the shower
For a good while
It may take an hour
Maybe longer
But by that time
It may not be your teeth
It may be your feet are too big

The shattered ghost-rider
Shadows the clandestine peloton

Spending Summer Evenings among Flannel Flowers and Ghosts

Brilliant shafts of sunlight penetrate the canopy of ancient trees and dance across the leaves of fern and flannel flower.
The warm still air is silent but for the sounds of a cool stream tripping and running across its smooth pebbled bed. A dragonfly hovers and skims restlessly above the water’s rippling surface on gossamer wings. Now and then a plaintive bird call rings out and hangs in the air like an arrow turned to mist.
Bare feet glide noiselessly over the moist leaf-strewn path leading to the glade as the daylight fades and encroaching darkness beckons.


Autumn Lovers

Autumn leaves

Photo: Bill Hunt.

Autumn Lovers

Streetlight lamplit autumn coloured leaves

Rustle and huddle together

Scarlet cheeks shying away,

from the cool morning breeze’s,

amorous advances.

The skyline, streaked with cloud wisps,

awaits the hand of the sun,

to draw the signature of the day

©2016 Bill Hunt

Such a pretty sight

Vapour trail.

Vapour trail. Photo: Bill Hunt


Such a Pretty Sight

Sandy Ln is a place you take yourself
Alone at the dawning of the day
Where no-one knows your name
And nobody remembers
If it was you that came in yesterday
Still burned around the edges
With the final glowing embers
Of a love that strayed.
And you know before the coffee’s poured
You’ve already had much more than you can afford

I live out the day with the remains of what you gave me
I try not to name it, you know my heart always strays to what my mind knows ain’t right
I try to make it plain to you and one day I may, but till then there’s the night
And in the morning a vapour trail makes such a pretty sight

©2016 Bill Hunt

David Levell (The Mysterious Universe) review – Upwey

Just got hold of Bill Hunt’s new CD “Upwey”, and so, with the jacks all in their boxes, time for a late-night immersive listen.

It’s great! In fact I’m inspired and replenished to find music like this being made in Australia of the here and now.

Some tasty violin evokes Desire-era Dylan to a degree, but it’s all Bill’s own sound and vibe and he’s nothing if not his own musical man.

It’s late-night and laid-back and a restless, questing creativity prowls and snakes throughout.

The lyrics glisten with narrative threads and fragments suggestive of hard roads, false trails, domestic mystery, tips of icebergs.

I hope Bill can tour this line-up (guitar, bass, drums, keys, violin) though I’ve seen him do some of these songs solo and I know they also work very well conjured with nothing but an orange Gretsch and a ready wit.

What You Choose (with not-good-enough backing vocals restored)

A rough mix of What You Choose including backing vocals that weren’t good enough for the final mix.

  1. What you Choose (rough outtake with extra vocals) Bill Hunt 7:06


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