The final space

Death awaits at journey’s end
A silent half-thought sentence
Suspended in mid-air
Neither floating up nor down; just there
With care I would attend the words wrought for that closing phrase
So many drafts, how densely filled that final august page
How tedious, how tiresome the bleak unmetered text
In vain anticipation of some good that must come next
Attend you now the space before that final deathly dot
It’s there for you to fill with love, for that is all you’ve got.


  1. Canute was no Fool (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:18
  2. Van Gogh Print (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:34
  3. Torch Song (acoustic) Bill Hunt 2:46
  4. Everything is Going to Change (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:32
  5. Your Move (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:06
  6. Sea of Love (acoustic) Bill Hunt 3:28
  7. Bill Hunt - Sea of Love (from the album Upwey) Bill Hunt 4:20
  8. Bill Hunt - Song 55 (from the album Upwey) 4:10
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