Autumn Lovers

Autumn leaves

Streetlight lamplit autumn coloured leaves Rustle and huddle together Scarlet cheeks shying away, from the cool morning breeze's, amorous advances The skyline, streaked with cloud wisps, awaits the hand of the sun, to draw the signature of the day

  1. Canute was no Fool (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:18
  2. Van Gogh Print (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:34
  3. Torch Song (acoustic) Bill Hunt 2:46
  4. Everything is Going to Change (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:32
  5. Your Move (acoustic) Bill Hunt 4:06
  6. Sea of Love (acoustic) Bill Hunt 3:28
  7. Bill Hunt - Sea of Love (from the album Upwey) Bill Hunt 4:20
  8. Bill Hunt - Song 55 (from the album Upwey) 4:10