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Bill Hunt

In his Words About Music review, John Hardaker wrote: “I make much of Hunt’s vocal quality because it is what drew me to his music first up. Across Upwey his voice moves from hurt, to declamatory, to bent-by-blues, once even to an almost Gospel frenzy… the almost seven minute ‘What you Choose’ has Hunt serenading the street-life in and around him, in an almost Van Morrison/James Joyce stream-of-consciousness linear rave. It captivates with pictures, some drawn by a child’s hand, some painted by a drunk Dylan, some harshly photographed by a journalist (all of which Hunt, the lyricist, is)”. Full Review:


Bill Hunt is a vocalist, songwriter and musician from Melbourne, Australia who currently calls Sydney home.
Bill’s music is as varied as has been his life to date. Having started out wanting to be nothing else but a songwriter and musician, he set about doing everything but that; working a series of jobs from truck-driver to ferry-driver, scuba diver, landscape gardener, farm-hand, carpenter until chance (and an accident that saw him incapacitated for several months) led him to take up writing for a small town newspaper, which in turn led to a career as a journalist and photographer – and eventually editor – for a major newspaper group.
Along the way though, the call of music was always there – prodding and nagging away, serving up gentle, and not so gentle reminders of the passing of time and the final destination we all share.

There was no single moment when Bill decided to make music the main focus of his life. It was the accumulation of moments, playing the odd open mic night to enthusiastic reception, the encouragement of strangers who were moved by his music, the insistence of fellow musicians that his music should reach a wider audience.

Having made significant inroads into the singer-songwriter scene in and around Sydney, Bill booked studio time and in February 2016 headed back to Melbourne to record his first album, Upwey, which was released in July.

The video to accompany the release of the first single from Upwey, Sea of Love, was released on August 10 and reached over 4,000 people with over 1,600 views in four days.

Bill now works with his hands by day; land-and-lawnscaping, digging holes and fixing fences, while working on the next song, the next gig, the next album and a tour he hopes will cover most of the east coast and wherever else his music takes him.


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